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about us

Solutions by Suede LLC is an wholistic health solutions company whose birth was inspired by the birth of its creator, Suede. His parents were determined to foster an environment in which healthy living was innate, not just a lifestyle. While deciding on the kind of food options they wanted Suede to have access to, they pondered on how  important it would be to educate him on the root of the decision and how it would contribute to his overall development.


In the midst of the discussion, they discovered a need for further education within themselves and the community as a whole. A wealth of time,  meticulous research, and product testing went into the development of a product line that represented  and fulfilled the needs of a thriving lifestyle. Solutions by Suede is committed to helping to curate discussion and growth in the wellness community and looks forward to being a dependable source of information and a partner in providing products that lead to a path of health. 

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